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Amélie Rombauts 

Gen Mo: We stand for change

Our Motivation

Band of many Mo loving Sistas and a couple of Mo Bros. We stand for change. Power to the Mo!

Help promote men's health

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Amelie Rombauts wrote on oona's Mo Space 39 Week(s) Ago


The oona’s are worried … About the men in their lives! Watch their message in the video above.

That’s right! You can also contribute to Movember apart from growing a moustache.
We, the oona ladies, are truly concerned about the health and future of the men in our lives , you’re probably worried too , even if you are a man yourself. Did you know that 4 men die of prostate cancer every day , in Belgium only…

Register NOW for Movember and do this again next year and subsequent years , because prostate cancer is not a fashion phenomenon, but a constant that we can change together. Together, because only in large numbers, we can make a difference and brake the taboo of talking about it.

Start your own team, today, on movember.com , it’s not too late! And motivate your colleagues , your mother, your cousin , your grandfather , your best friend… everyone to join you in the fight against prostate cancer.

Together with Movember the oona’s are ready to fight and to start the difficult conversation around prostate cancer. We break the silence, with lots of love for men.

POWER TO THE MO : § ) ! !

Amélie Rombauts donated 363,00 € to oona 39 Week(s) Ago

Here's what we collected with our oona closet sale. Shopping for a good cause... ain't that a great idea! :))

Anonymous donated 30,00 € to oona 39 Week(s) Ago

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