Our Values

Movember’s values steer everything we do. They keep us focused on who we are as an organisation. They are what set us apart.


Change Agent

We challenge, learn, adapt to lead extraordinary change.

Better together

We believe in the value of one and the power of many.


We’re aligned, transparent and take ownership.


We have fun, doin’ good.

Courageously kind

We’re respectful and inclusive, always.

"Through Movember I've built a network of Mo Bros that not only stand together to fight cancer and spread awareness, but are some of my very best friends. Mo Bros have been international travel buds, stood up with me at my wedding, and are the people I can always count on when it matters."
– Max Goodberg, Mo Bro


We strive to be better and different and to exceed expectations.

Our Global Action Plan

Connecting clinicians and researchers from around the world to accelerate health outcomes for men living with prostate and testicular cancer.


Bringing together key experts across the world to give men with prostate cancer the information they need to get their lives on track after diagnosis.