A group of colleagues pose for a Movember team photo, with most of the men sporting a moustache
Check out our top 9 team recruiting strategies.Image by: Movember
A group of colleagues pose for a Movember team photo, with most of the men sporting a moustache
25 September 2023

9 simple strategies to recruit your Movember Team

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So, you’ve decided to lead a workplace Movember team? Well done, we salute you!

Now comes the fun part – recruiting your Movember dream team. From fresh faces to top executives to Mo Sisters, everyone’s invited. Share your team page URL far and wide – across desks, departments, and office locations. Each additional Movember teammate you recruit helps your company go bigger for men's health.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got your back. Check out our top 9 team recruiting strategies.

Strategy #1: The art of the start

  • Choose a team name that resonates: When you’re ready to create a team - choose a name that's catchy yet meaningful. Integrate your company name or get creative…"Beardless Dragons"? "The Stache Squadron"? A captivating name isn't just an identifier; it’s your first recruitment tool.
  • Set high but achievable goals: Goals create purpose. Whether it's raising a certain dollar amount or engaging a set number of team members, clear goals keep everyone on point.
  • Craft an inviting Team Page: Don’t forget, first impressions matter. Putting a little effort into your team page can deliver big results. Add an eye-catching team photo, set your fundraising target, and pen an inspiring message to entice potential teammates to join.

Strategy #2: The early Mo gets the worm

  • Start now: Begin recruiting as soon as your team page is alive and kicking. The clock is ticking, and you want as much time as possible to rally your Movember team before the hairy month kicks off.
  • Recruit recruiters: Once you’ve successfully recruited a new teammate, ask them to help you recruit someone else. This is an easy way to build early momentum and potentially double your team size.
  • Four ways to take part: Make sure people know that there is more than one way to participate. Can't grow a moustache? Take on the 60km Move challenge, Host an event, or create a Mo Your Own Way challenge.

Strategy #3: Spread the word

  • Leverage company channels: Capitalize on your company’s internal communication tools. The more buzz you generate, the harder it is for people to ignore your campaign. Leverage email, company intranet and social media to get the word out. Follow our easy-to-use communications guide for a seamless promotion strategy.
  • Embrace QR-enabled posters: Deploy QR-coded posters throughout the workplace to simplify the joining process. Access our collection of ready-to-use Movember posters and promotional materials here.
  • Harness word-of-mouth: In the age of digital everything, don't underestimate the sway of a personal endorsement. Whether it's a casual chat at the water cooler or a Zoom call, word-of-mouth remains a potent recruitment tool.

Strategy #4: The Mo Sister secret weapon

  • Recruit Mo Sisters: Remember, you don't need a moustache to join in on the fun. Mo Sisters can add rocket fuel to your campaign— they help recruit more teammates, host events, raise funds, and are often huge champions of spreading men’s health awareness.
  • Empower Mo Sisters: Equip Mo Sisters with the information they need to get involved and help spread awareness about men's health throughout the month. Share our Mo Sister Guide for tips & tricks.

Strategy #5: Sparking interest from the top down

  • Secure the podium: Ask your boss to send a company-wide email or infiltrate your next weekly team meeting. A passionate pitch can ignite interest in the most unexpected places.
  • Enlist executive support: Senior leadership’s endorsement adds a layer of gravitas to your campaign. A simple nod from a high-ranking member can create a tidal wave of support. More than growing a Mo, your company execs can unlock company dollar matching and help promote your campaign internally. Use our Exec Support guide to help.

Strategy #6: The emotional hook

  • Start with 'why': Familiarize yourself with the hard facts about men's health. Use this knowledge to make a compelling case to your colleagues about why the Movember campaign is more than just a month of moustaches—it's a life-saving initiative.
  • Your story is your strength: Your personal story can become the most potent weapon in your recruiting arsenal. Why do you Mo? Do you do it for your grandfather, son, partner or best friend? Do you do it to raise mental health awareness or for prostate cancer research? Regardless of your motivation, sharing your personal connection can be the secret sauce to inspiring others to join you.

Strategy #7: The power of incentives

  • Employer matching: This one's a game-changer. Having your employer dollar match your team’s fundraising can double your impact and draw in the fence-sitters.
  • Issue challenges: Stoke the competitive fires by initiating friendly competitions between departments, offices, or even other companies.

Strategy #8: Cultivate a winning culture

  • Appreciate and celebrate: When someone chooses to join your team, make them feel valued right from the start. A simple thank you or a small donation to their Mo Space can send a strong message of appreciation and encouragement.
  • Organize a grand finale: At month’s end, host an awards ceremony. Celebrate the ‘Best Mo’, ‘Top Fundraiser’, and ‘Top Mover’. It's not just about closing the campaign; it's about celebrating the collective effort. Use our events guide for turn-key instructions.

Strategy #9: Master the art of the ask

  • The most effective recruitment strategy is often the simplest—just ask. It might feel uncomfortable at first but remember, you’re doing this for a worthy cause. Make your ask clear, make it easy to act on, and most importantly—just make it. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.