Indy Race Car Driver Romain Grosjean poses for a portrait in his bright yellow DHL Express racing suit
DHL Express and Romain GrosjeanImage by: DHL Express
Indy Race Car Driver Romain Grosjean poses for a portrait in his bright yellow DHL Express racing suit
27 October 2022

DHL Express Checks Romain Grosjean’s Package in Support of Men’s Health

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This November, DHL is not only delivering a monumental amount of packages, they are also delivering an important message about your package. As a proud supporter of Movember, a new health awareness campaign driven by DHL and in partnership with Andretti Autosport, is a fun and engaging way to remind everyone – both men and women -- that they need to pay closer attention to their health.

" Everything we do at DHL serves one purpose: Connecting People and Improving Lives. - Mike Parra, CEO of DHL "

In addition to a substantial corporate donation to the Movember cause, DHL has rallied support from Andretti Autosport’s Indy car driver, Romain Grosjean. In a new video, the size of Romain’s package is a big (or small?) topic of conversation. The video’s message encourages men to prioritize their health and raise awareness by starting broader conversations. You can read Romain’s thoughts on prioritizing health below and watch DHL’s humorous approach to this serious topic here.

DHL purpose-driven commitment revolves around a mantra it calls, “Connecting People and Improving Lives.” It’s really the guiding principle of its corporate strategy, and everything DHL does serves that purpose. From transporting millions of vaccine doses, to helping small businesses become successful in global markets, DHL couldn’t do it without all of its team members – who need to remain healthy – both physically and emotionally. According to DHL Express Americas CEO, Mike Parra, DHL may have the best aircraft, vehicles and technology, but without its talented people, they wouldn’t have a company or customers to serve. “Our employees are, by far, our most important asset,” says Mike.

Over the last few years, DHL has shifted its focus toward the overall health of their employees. This includes not just physical health, but also their mental and emotional wellbeing. Through a framework called “Fit for Work, Fit for Life”, DHL drives initiatives that ensures its employees have the ability to show the same dedication toward their health and well-being as they do toward their daily work. The program centers on four key sources of energy that contribute to a person’s overall sense of well-being: physical, emotional, mental and personal.

“Movember has served as a great guide to help DHL define what are the real threats to men’s health today – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide. Prevention efforts in each of these areas will help men lead better, healthier and fuller lives,” says Mike. “We want to share all that we've learned, and encourage this approach with all members of our organization, by ensuring mental and physical well-being is a focus well beyond the month of Movember.”

A Conversation with Romain Grosjean

Q: What key challenges do you think men face today?

A: One of the key challenges men face today is keeping healthy. It is important to get and remain healthy in order to be good fathers, good husbands and good workers. Taking time to look after yourself is key.

Q: Why is it so important to champion conversations around men’s health?

A: Conversations about health are very important so more people can be aware and act if needed. Our bodies are working tools and need to be cared for regularly. There are so many hidden diseases and conditions, like prostate and testicular cancer, that regular check-ups can be the key to living a longer and healthier life. Movember is a great example of having conversations on a larger scale. This is why Andretti Autosport and myself are happy to support DHL’s campaign in spreading awareness for an important cause. The more people who are aware of this issue means more people will be proactive and get checked.

Q: When it comes to your own health, both mental health and physical health, what philosophy do you try to live by?

A: My personal philosophy surrounds taking care of myself so I can take care of my family. I want to be the best athlete, on and off the track, but more importantly I want to be the best dad I can be. I want to be the best husband I can be. There is no leniency on taking care of myself when my family is involved.

Q: What’s your message when it comes to men’s health?

A: Caring for your health is a duty to ourselves. It’s a responsibility that can be life changing. Be aware and proactive with the health challenges we face. Get involved with companies like DHL and organizations like Movember to be a champion of health for those around you.

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